Doctor Jason Martin Announces New Round of Endorsements from Tennessee Democrat

(Tennessee) – Doctor Jason Martin is announcing a new round of endorsements:

  • Sharon Hurt, Metro Nashville Council
  • Jeff Syracuse, Metro Nashville Council
  • Sandra Sepulveda, Metro Nashville Council
  • Lauren Rider, Knoxville City Council

“As an at-large member of the Nashville Metro Council in Tennessee, I know how seriously our state needs an effective and thoughtful leader serving as Governor. I have listened to Dr. Martin speak many times and met him on the trail during his campaign. He has built a policy platform to empower cities and local leaders. He is our best chance to defeat Bill Lee and I’m proud to endorse Dr. Jason Martin.” – Sharon Hurt, Metro Nashville Council Member

“Throughout this campaign, we have traveled to all 95 counties, listened to the voices of countless Tennesseans, and have built an undeniable large-scale grassroots movement across our state. This campaign has never been and never will be about me. It is about women’s rights, protecting our children from gun violence, and electing a governor who will put people and their wellbeing over politics. With these endorsements, I am already working with state and local leaders to improve the lives and livelihoods of Tennesseans. ” – Dr. Jason Martin

A full list of Dr. Martin’s Endorsements

  • Senator Heidi Campbell
  • House Democratic Caucus Chair Vincent Dixie 
  • Metro Nashville Council Member Erin Evans
  • Metro Nashville Council Member Gloria Hausser
  • Metro Nashville Council Member Sharon Hurt
  • Representative Darren Jernigan
  • Knoxville City Council Member Lauren Rider
  • Shelby County Commissioner Tami Sawyer
  • Metro Nashville Council Member Sandra Sepulveda
  • Representative Johnny Shaw
  • Knoxville City Council Member Seema Singh
  • Metro Nashville Council Member Jeff Syracuse
  • Senator Jeff Yarbro 
  • Representative Dwayne Thompson
  • Black Caucus Chair Antonio Parkinson 
  • Representative Gloria Johnson 
  • Representative Torrey Harris 
  • Representative Jason Hodges
  • Representative Bo Mitchell
  • Representative Sam Mckenzie 
  • Representative Bob Freeman 
  • Representative John Ray Clemmons

Dr. Jason Martin will be competing in the August 4th Statewide Democratic Primary. The winner will go on to compete with Governor Bill Lee in November.