Thursday, August 25th 2022 (Tennessee)  – Today, millions of women in Tennessee have been stripped of their right to privacy and their reproductive rights. As a physician, I can definitively say that healthcare providers are also being criminalized for doing their jobs to protect and save lives.

After being elected the Governor of Tennessee, I will work to repeal this awful trigger law and use every possible mechanism of the office to make sure women have full access to healthcare. Until this trigger law is repealed, we need to make sure that any legislation we pass includes coverage for transportation, protections against prosecution, increased counseling services, and a renewed focus on the people affected most – women. Let me be clear, I will not hesitate to use the pardoning power of the office to make sure that no health care provider is prosecuted for providing the best health care possible.

If the radical super majority in the General Assembly decides to prosecute women, as has been brought up by people here in Tennessee and in other states, I will make sure that those women are pardoned if prosecutors choose to attack our citizens in their time of need. We must do everything we can to fight this injustice, and as I look into executive actions that can help women across this state, I hope you will join me in doing what we can do today to make sure that women are supported, and heard.